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How can I recover a netPI to factory default settings?


The netPI does not have a physical reset button or any other specific hardware detail to reset it to factory default. Instead a USB stick is needed to initiate the recovery of the system software.

Attention! Recovering a gateway with the following procedure explained below will clear all existing contents on the device's main storage memory (SD card). So before continuing make sure you made a backup using the gateway's management web UI under Control Panel/System/Backup and Restore.

USB stick preparation

  • Use an USB stick with a minimum size of 500Mbyte
  • The stick should be at least USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 is better) compatible
  • The stick have to be formatted FAT32. Please execute a full format and no quick format.
  • The stick's volume have to be named "RECOVERY". Other names will not be accepted.
  • Sticks of sizes >=64GByte can't be formatted FAT32 under Windows. A tool such as "HP USB STICK FORMAT" is needed to format bigger sizes.

Extracting the provided image

  • The recovery software image comes as zip compressed archive
  • Use a tool such as 7Zip to decompress the file

  • Extract the whole zip file to your USB stick's root directory in a 1:1 copy

Installing the system software

  • Switch off the device
  • Plug in the USB stick in any of the device's USB ports
  • Power on the device
  • The device loader will recognize the USB stick during the boot sequence automatically and initiates the installation from the USB stick
  • Please do not interrupt the installation and wait until the device powers down. You will see a LED on the device's front flashing periodically during the installation and then going to off state when it is finished.
  • Remove the USB stick and restart the device