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Current release:For previous versions see version history.

Supported Operating Systems

Driver VersionINtime 3.xINtime 4.xINtime 5.xINtime 6.0 / 6.1
(none XM-mode)

INtime >= 6.3

INtime >= 6.4
INtime dRTOS >= 6.4

Driver V1.x.x.x(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)-/--/-
Driver V2.x.x.x-/--/--/--/-(tick)(tick)
General Information


  • Based on the cifX Toolkit source
  • x86 and x64 (also known as AMD64) support
  • Support for PCI, PCIe, PC/104, PCI-104, ISA netX based hardware
  • Unlimited number of cifX boards supported
  • (red star)Support for netX90 based devices
  • (red star)Support for CIFX M.2 cards added
  • (red star)Added support for INtime 6.4
  • (red star)Added support for INtime dRTOS 6.4


  • Simultaneous access (from real-time AND non real-time mode) is not possible

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The driver offers access to the Hilscher netX based hardware (e.g. CIFX50) with the same functional API as the cifX device driver for Windows. It is also possible to use the cifX INtime driver from normal Windows environment or from inside the INtime real-time kernel.

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Road map

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