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Current release:For previous versions see version history.
Supported netX Chips
netX Chip
 netX52   netX100 
  netX500  netX90netX4000
DPM access(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Bootstrap Support(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
General Information


  • O/S independent
  • Support of PCI / ISA and DPM based connections to the Hilscher DPM
  • Support of memory and FLASH based devices
  • 64 Bit support
  • Basic interrupt functions included

  • Event handling for I/O and packet transfer functions

  • netX100/500, netX50, netX51/netX52 Bootstrap support
  • (red star) netX90 and netX4000 support 

  • (red star) CIFX M.2 support


    • Little Endian / Big Endian support (selectable via toolkit definition)
    • DMA support for I/O data transfer (selectable via a toolkit definition, only for PCI devices where netX is directly connected to the PCI bus)

    • Extended Parameter Check of Toolkit Functions (selectable via a toolkit definition)
    • Device time setting during start-up
    • Custom Hardware Access Interface (e.g. DPM via SPI, selectable via a toolkit definition)

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The cifX Toolkit is a standard component for accessing the Hilscher DPM used on COMX/CIFX and other netX based devices.
It can be used to write own device drivers or used on microcontrollers to interface a Hilscher module.

The cifX/netX Toolkit consists of C-source and header files allowing abstract access to the dual-port memory (DPM) defined by Hilscher for cifX and comX devices and netX based components.
It also contains the user interface functions (CIFX API) as well as generic access functions needed to handle the Hilscher DPM.




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Road map

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