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The QNX device driver for CIF cards was developed by ISH and is not directly supported by
Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH.

For support contact

ISH Ingenieursozietät GmbH
Breitenbacher Straße 5
D-57271 Hilchenbach

Phone: +49 (0) 2733 / 28670 ISH

Current release:For previous versions see version history.
Supported Operating Systems
Operating SystemQNX 4QNX 6
General Information


  • Offers the common CIF API for application programming (see note below)
  • QNX 6 driver supports up to 4 CIF cards at the same time
  • Opportunity to configure the boards over TCP/IP


  • Function “DevOpenBoard” has a different return value and behavior.
    This function has to be called before every other function, because it connects your program to the cif Driver for QNX. The return is less than zero, if an error occurred.
    If the function returns without an error, the number of open counts to this board is returned.

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For more details click here.

Road map

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Document TypeTitle                                                  ContentsRevDateFile Type
Programming Reference GuidecifX Device Driver - Windows.pdfDescription and usage of the standard cifX API documentation1402-2013PDF
Older VersionsTitleContentsRev                DateFile Type
QNX4 Version                           cif Driver for QNX 4 (V3.003 Build2)QNX Driver media                                                V3003 Build 206-2004ZIP


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