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Supported Operating Systems
Current release: For previous versions see version history.
Operating SystemRTX 8.1
RTX 2009
RTX 2011
RTX 2012
General Information


  • Offers the common CIF API for application programming
  • Automatic hardware detection for ISA and PCI hardware
  • Up to four devices of the same type (ISA, PCI)  possible


  • Only one RTX process can use the driver at the same time
  • Only device polling is supported

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The Hilscher RTX driver is a RTDLL (CIFRTXDriver.rtdll) which supports CIF30 (ISA) and CIF50 (PCI) cards. Its driver API is based on the existing CIF Device Driver API for Windows.

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Road map

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Document TypeTitleContentsRevDateFile Type
Driver Manual

CIF Device Driver - IntervalZero RTX

Driver Installation and restrictions0605-2014PDF
Progamming Reference GuideDescription and usage of the standard CIF API1402-2013PDF