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Current release: For previous versions see version history.

Supported Operating Systems


Operating SystemVxWorks 5.5VxWorks 6.2
General Information


  • Offers the common CIF API for application programming
  • Automatic hardware detection for ISA and PCI hardware
  • Device selection by name and board number
  • All devices can be used simultaneously (ISA, PCI)
  • Up to four devices of the same type (ISA or PCI) possible


  • Only device polling is supported

  • DMA cards (CIF100) not supported

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Wind River VxWorks is a real-time operating system (RTOS) and the fundamental run-time component of the Tornado II (VxWorks 5.x releases) and
the Wind River Workbench (VxWorks 6.x releases) development platform.

VxWorks is flexible, scalable, reliable and available on all popular CPU platforms.

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Road map

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Document TypeTitleContentsRevDateFile Type
Driver Manual

cif Device Driver - VxWorks.pdf

Driver Installation and restrictions410-2010PDF
Programming Reference Guidecif Device Driver - Windows.pdfDescription and usage of the standard CIF API1402-2013PDF


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