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atvise supports multiple languages. How can I set the default language the web visualization pages are displayed?


The ativse visualization supports the languages german and english by default. Additional translations can be added using the "Add Translation" button in the "Language" folder.

All translation texts are downloaded to a netSCADA device in order to allow a switch between the languages online in your browser.

The default language that is chosen by ativse to be displayed is defined in the settings of your web browser. Usually a web browser has a list of preferred languages that may be changed.

For example in Firefox you find a list of preferred languages in "Extras/Settings/Content". There you can change the list of preferred languages and their order.

If you move the language "english (en)" to the topmost position, ativse will recognized it during the next browser session and will choose "english" as default language.

If you want to force a language that is set browser settings independent then you can open the ativse page with an additional "/?language=xx" parameter while xx is the shortcut of the language that shall be used