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Can I mount a AIFX-DP/CO/DN/CC and a AIFX-RE on a CIFX 90E at the same time?

This would reduce stocking, production and handling effort for my IPC.



In fact this is the way how Hilscher will do the manufacturing test of cifX90E during production. 

The AIFX-DP/CO/DN/CC interfaces to XC2 of netX100 and the AIFX-RE to XC0 and XC1.
There are no points of contact between those two assembly interfaces.

The Enduser can decide and load the firmware needed usign the standard tools, like, cifXtest and cifXsetup: either a Fieldbus or a Real-Time-Ethernet.

Note: Even this constellation has two AIFX mounted, it is still a one-channel card.