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Can netRAPID, netIC, comX or netJACK be operated in industrial temperature range from -40° up to +85°C?



With the technology used today, this operating temperature range can not be reached for the standard prodcuts.
Especially for the upper limit, this would require a customer specific design, which has a clear focus on temperature requirements.

Even all components of a product can be operated independently from -40° to +85°C or higher, this doesn't mean that the product itself can be operated in the same range.
Typically the range for the product is lower then for the single components, because they all interact and influence each other.

The operating temperature range usually depends on:

  • netX Chip with integrated PHYs create a lot of heat, which affects the components close to it
  • Embedded Modules have a reduced size and can dissipate heat only to a certain limit (the smaller the board, the more difficult it is to dissipate theat)
  • Quality of the hardware design (signal routing, ground areas, number of layers)
  • Temperature range of the used components (E.g. temperature limitations of the SecMem, Magnetics or SDRAM)

During develppment phase all Hilscher products will undergo a temperature test, where the minimum and maximum operating temperature will be determined. This is what will officially be specified.
Without a fundamental change of the product any temperature outside this specified range is hard to reach. And even more a positive result can not be predicted.