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The 'netX Marshaller' offers the netX Diagnostic and Remote Access services for an rcX or custom target system.



The host application accessing the target does not need to know anything about the underlying protocol and can still access the default cifX driver API.
Hilscher offers some standard communication interfaces, but offers also a way so customers can integrate their own interface by attaching
themselves to the communication protocol (Hilscher Transport).

The following picture gives an overview of the internal structure of the 'netX Marshaller' components showing the major function blocks.



Depending on the target platform, the system requirements for using the 'netX Marshaller' may be different.
Hilscher provides a sample for the rcX operating system and a basic development package which can be ported to a custom hardware.

rcX Package:

  • netX 500 / 100 / 50 / 51
  • rcX operating system V2.0.4.6 or higher
  • Optional: Shared Memory API V0.927 or later

Development Package:

  • 32Bit/64Bit, little endian host system
  • 32Bit/64Bit, little endian target system
  • Physical access to a cifX DPM using the cifX Driver functions or the possibility to transfer rcX packets to an attached netX based target


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