The new PROFIdrive Device Example is available for download for all project members.

Link:  PROFIdrive Device Example

PROFIdrive is implemented by the application example presented here. The "Drive application" is simulated in the application example by a simple simulation (PT1 element).

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PROFINET Technologie Workshop, Stuttgart

The PROFIdrice community is happy to present the new version of the “PROFIdrive Implementation Guide All_IRT V4.2” table.
This file fit to the PROFIdrive version 4.2.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter folgendem Link:  PNO Workshop Lorrach

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter folgendem Link

PNO Workshop Essen

Antriebstechnik mit PROFINET - PROFIdrive-Workshop in Stuttgart am 19.10.2017
mehr Infos finden Sie auf der PI Webseite.

Das Plugfest findet vom 12.-13. Juli 2017 bei der Firma Festo in Esslingen statt.

Mehr Informationen zum Plugfest.

After a long time a new reworked PROFIdrive device profile source code is finally provided.

New examples show how to implement drive or encoder devices with it:

  • PROFIdrive drive application class 4
  • PROFIdrive encoder class 3

Check InxPROFIdrive V3.0 page for more.

The source code and documentation for

  • PROFIdrive Controller AC1
  • PROFIdrive Controller Isochronous operation
  • PROFIdrive Controller AC4

is published here (PROFIdrive Controller).

The PROFIdrive community has migrated to this new space to become more open and responsive to the PROFIdrive development.