In the course of continuous development, many components of the EtherNet/IP firmware were updated to latest versions and several new features were implemented.
The Firmware is intended for certification test CT18


Major Improvements




The EIS V5.3 firmware can be used on the following target devices


EIS V3.7 is available for netX 51, netx 52, netX 100, netX 500 based products.



Further Information


Please refer to

Public Information:

EtherNet/IP Adapter V5.3,

EtherNet/IP Adapter V3.7



Notes on CIP Security


In parallel to the standard firmware, our development team is working on a security enabled variant of EtherNet/IP LFW,

adding the CIP Security feature and other security related functions to EIS V5.3 for netX 90 (not for EIS V3.7)

This variant will become available as a “prototype” firmware within the next 2 month.
I.e. it will be offered to interested customers for tests and development purposes only and not yet for series production.

Please contact me in case of customer enquiries.

Further information will follow in time.