The 2nd Stage Loader validates the NXF file being loaded against the security memory contents (see 2nd Stage Loader Manual for a more detailed description)

If the parameters in your security memory don't match the one in the NXF file the firmware won't be started and a FIRMWAREMISMATCH is detected.

When using a custom security memory the settings in the NXF file file header need to be adjusted to match the security memory contents.

The following parameters are verified:

This can be done using the TagListEditor as follows:

  1. Open the NXF file with the tag list editor
  2. Open the Device Header Editor
  3. Insert the data from your security memory and confirm the changes
    NOTE: Setting the Manufacture code to 0 will disable firmware validation
  4. Save the file, either to a new file via "Save As" or overwriting the opened file via "Save"