PROFIdrive Controller example application should give an idea, how a PROFIdrive controller can be build up, handling drives with PROFIdrive interface.
The provided example code uses a Siemens CP1616 or PN Gate V2.0 with IO-Base interface as PROFINET controller.
With separation of modules of a PROFIdrive controller into logical layers, its possible to transfer this principle also on any Controller solution.

 The source code and documentation can be downloaded here:

Application optionSourceDocumentationVersionStatus
PROFIdrive Controller AC1


HTML (zip)LaTex (zip)V1.1.0
PROFIdrive Controller Isochronous operationzipHTML (zip)LaTex (zip)V2.1.0
PROFIdrive Controller AC4zipHTML (zip)LaTex (zip)V3.1.0



2017-01-23PROFIdrive Controller Application is available for download for all project members.