SummarySeveral optimizations and bugfixes on profile implementation

Changes in v2.1 since v2.0


- Optimization: Replace PROFIdrive Dynamic memory allocation by Static Allocation

- Optimization: serialize handling of Parameter requests in case of multi-Parameter request. Just one parameter per application cycle will be processed in order to minimize the load within application cycle.

- fixed Type of Parameter High-/Low-limits variables. The type of limits variables must depend on the type of Parameter value.

- fixed #9: SendMailbox does not get deleted when shutting down profile/application

- fixed #11: wrong order in parameter 974 initial value. Handling for parameter 974 reworked.

- fixed #10: Access with subindex to non-indexed parameter

- Refuse change request access to Parameter description/text

- Added some functions to support PNU971, PNU977 (load and store parameter Set) 


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